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Carolina Rye Malt - Riverbend

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Riverbend Carolina Rye

Riverbend's Carolina Rye is a malt that is produced using an heirloom variety called Wrenz Abruzzi that has been grown in the south for over 200 years! It has the classic blend of herbal spice, black peppercorn and citrus flavor. Try it in your next Saison, Pale Ale or Whiskey recipe for an added punch of flavor!


Grain: Wrenz Abruzzi Rye

Origin: North Carolina 

Flavors: Peppercorn, Earthy

SRM: 4.7

Lovibond: 4

Great For: IPA, Bourbon, Saison, Rye IPA/Rye PA, Lager

Great For: Hoppy Ales, NEIPAs, Stouts, Brown Ales and everything Hazy

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**