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Cider - JY018

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Jasper's Cider Yeast JY018 is a great cider yeast for ciders finishing dry. It can also be used for higher gravity beers or wines.

It produces sulfur compounds early on when low on essential nutrients, but this will dissipate farily quickly.

Cider Style yeasts are for apple cider, perry, cyser and other fruit-fermentes. Jaspers yeasts will make your beverage shine!

A perfect substition for White Labs WLP775 English Cider or for WLP720 Sweet Mead.

Jasper Yeast Packets are suitable for up to a 10 gallon batch with a single pitch with a starting gravity of >1.055. They contain at least 200 Billion yeast cells.

Styles: Cider
Origin: England
Temperature Range: 60-80°F (15-26°C)
Attenuation: 75-80%
Alcohol Tolerance: 12%
Flocculation: Low