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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Column Tower Shank

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Column Tower Shank- Gooseneck

This 1.75" 304 Stainless Steel Column Shank has a 3/16" Bore I.D. and features a 5/8" 14 BSP Thread. The soldered 90 degree elbow barb of the Elbow shank allows beer lines to connect wihtout kink.  This is essential for a consistent and less foamy pour.

The shank body and elbow are made of Stainelss steel and can be used to safely used to dispense Beer, Cider, Wine, Coffee and more!

The 90 degree elbow comes welded in so theres no risk of leaks while in use.

It is designed to work with a 3/16" ID hose.

The assembly itself includes: coupling nut, coupling sleeves, snap ring, hex nut, SS back washer, tower flange, and back flange.