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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Wine Corks

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Winery Grade Natural Wine Corks are derived from the highest quality Cork Oak periderm (or bark).  All corks are thoroughly washed and treated to defend against cork taint.  Corks suitable for long term wine storage

Nomacork Select Series is a collection of high-performance co-extruded wine closures designed to meet the needs of discriminating winemakers and the unique wines they create. Select Series closures will provide optimum post-bottling oxygen management. Select Series is backed by the Nomacorc Winemaker Promise, a commitment of consistent oxygen control performance, quality assurance, and closures free of TCA.  Intended for extended storage of bottled wine

Aglacia Developed for the wine industry to address corkiness, inconsistency, random oxidation, & leakage, these corks are made from Suberin, the purest part of cork, that is blended with a proprietary polymer which enhances the natural elasticity & sealing properties of the cork. The corks are symmetrical & totally natural in appearance. They are ideally suited for use with wines that are intended for enjoyment 12-18 months after bottling. Bottles can be put on their side immediately after corking.

Twin Disk premium quality corks are non-chamfered & have an agglomerated cork center with natural cork disc ends. You will find minimal flaws with these high quality corks. We do not recommend using with the plastic plunger corker.

Economy cork stoppers are made from granulated cork, which is a by-product from the manufacture of natural cork closures. Economy corks are a low-cost option, generally used for wine destined to be consumed within 12 months.

Tasting Corks are great for easy open and closing of bottles.  Not intended for long term storage. 

#9 corks are slightly larger than #8 corks.  Use #9 in floor style corkers, and use #8 for all hand style corkers.