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Czech Pilsner Malt - Riverbend

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Riverbend Czech Pilsner

Riverbend's Czech Pilsner is the newest Lager Friendly Malt from Riverbend! It ahils from the Hana valley in the eastern portion of the Czech Republic and Riverbend has made sure that this remained a truly under-modified malt and kept the low color.  It is a great choice because of the lack of modification for you to utilizze step mashing or multiple decocations to increase efficiency and build flavor. Even if you don't have that capability in your brewhouse you don't need to worry because Riverbend has aimed for a level of modification that doesn't require these steps! It's a win-win for brewers big and small!

By comparison to modern barley varieities that have been bred for rapid modification and higher enzyme levels to help increase brewhouse efficiency and productivity, Riverbend has reigned in these traits and reduced their steep out moisture and reduced the germination temperatures on this malt. They coupled this approach with a cool, gentle kiln recipe to ensure minimal color development. The result is a malt that has a distinct flavor and color of 2 SRM or less. 


Grain: Barley

Origin: Czech Reupblic 

Flavors: mild, malty sweet

SRM: >2.0

Great For: Lagers of Every Kind!

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**