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Fermentaholics Kombucha Tea

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Organic teas for making the best Kombucha possible.

Air: Air is the spring element, promoting positive, uplifting energy. This blend seeks to embody this vivacious spirit. Air blend tea was specifically formulated to bring balance & stability to your kombucha culture, supporting both the yeast & bacteria equally during springtime’s shifting temperatures. Nutrient-dense Yerba Mate & Guayasa Tea contain a variety of xanthine alkaloids that work together to provide balanced, focused energy that won’t give you the jitters. Sub this tea for a cup of coffee and notice the difference!

Earth: Earth, the fall element, inspires vitality, grounding, and balance. A cool breeze arises, the leaves change color, a deep connection with the earth is re-established, warm fuzzy feeling is inevitable. Earth Tea Blend was specially formulated to support both the bacteria & yeast population in your kombucha culture as the cooler temperatures arrive. From the beautiful, blooming hibiscus, to the transformative and noble pu-erh, this tea blend aims to embody the ever-grounding tenacity of life’s cycles. A touch of clove, cinnamon, and chamomile bring warmth and provide that fall feeling.

Water: Water, the winter element, promotes rebirth, purification, and intention. This tea blend aims to embody this idea of growth through simplicity. Water Blend is specially formulated to provide abundance nutrition for the yeast population in your kombucha culture, particularly during the cold winter months when the Earth purges, re-sets & simplifies in order to re-grow. Let this thought resonate with every sip of this humbling blend of black. oolong and white tea allowing yourself to purge, re-set, & simplify.

Fire: Fire, the summer element, ignites inspiration, independence & self-love. This tea blend aims to mimic this powerful connection. Fire tea blend was specially formulated to nourish the bacteria population in your kombucha culture, especially during the warmer temperature months when the yeast are naturally thriving. Summertime is the perfect reflection of this and shines when paired with the mild earthiness of green, oolong, and white teas. A touch of black is added for balanced nutrition & flavor.