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Franconian Lager - JY268

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Franconian Lager JY268 i sthe most recent addition to Jasper Yeast Labs extensive lager strain colelction, and we love it!

It is a balanced clean strain perfect for Bohemian Pilsners, Classic Marzens or even seasonal Doppelbocks.

Similar to JY219 but with a slightly higher attentuation and very low sulfur production. 

Franconian Lager was popular in Europe during the 1950's and infrequently used until a recent discovery from a forgotten stock in a German Lab making this strain very special!

A perfect substition for White Labs WLP820 Oktoberfest.

Jasper Yeast Packets are suitable for up to a 10 gallon batch with a single pitch with a starting gravity of >1.055. They contain at least 200 Billion yeast cells.

Styles: Lagers
Origin: Franconia, Germany
Temperature Range: 48-56°F (8-13°C)
Attenuation: 73-78%
Alcohol Tolerance: 11%
Flocculation: Medium-Low

Jasper Yeast Labs, as former professional brewers, take great pride int he craft, technique and finesse required to brew a fantastic lager. They are very proud of their ocllection of lager strains and feel that each yeast offers a uniqueness to the finished product but regardless of which Lager strain it will produce a crisp, clean, malty and smooth product.