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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Gulo Ale OYL-501

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Omega Yeast's OYL-501 Gulo Ale is the latest creation to emerge from the R&D; team at Omega. It is the progeny of Omega Yeast's Irish Ale OYL-005 and French Saison OYL-026. It is a true genetic hybrid! It is a beast at devouring sugars which will create a very dry beer without any of the peppery, clove phenolics that are typically associated with Saisons and Belgian Ales. There's even a patent pending on this completely new and innovative strain!It has a citrus-forward aroma that contains hints of peach and finishes suberly clean while being non-phenolic.These exciting new developments in yeast strains allow Gulo Ale to excel in any style where a high level of attenuation is desired without phenolics. It's a fabulous choice for an IPA, especially Brut IPAs, Stouts, and Biere de Garde.Flocculation: MediumAttenuation: 85-90%Optimal Temperature Range: 68-77FAlcohol Tolerance: 12%This strain tests positive for the STA1 gene, an indicator of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus, and is capable of fermenting dextrins, resulting in very high attenuation.The hybrids in this strain catalog were invented by Omega Yeast as the result of years of research and development. They are yeast strains that have never before existed. Although patenting brewing yeast strains is a somewhat novel concept, we made the decision to file a patent application for the unique Gulo® Ale strain to protect the time, creativity and expense invested in developing it. We recognize the brewing community's conventions of propagating in-house, repitching, and sharing cultures with other like-minded brewers, and while we want to protect our investment in Gulo®, we have no intention of stopping breweries or individuals that have purchased a culture from us from using it as they would any other non-patented strain. So, carry on brewing, and we will carry on creating quality Omega Yeast strains.