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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Kerry Biofine Clear

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Kerry Biofine® Clear is a purified colloidal solution of silicic acid, (SiO2), in water that has been specifically formulated for the rapid sedimentation of yeast and other haze forming particles in beer. It is Vegan friendly.

It is extremely rapid acting and optimally added on transfer tot he aging tank for optimal dispersion in the beer. Direct addition can be to the aging tank, however, emphasis must be placed on good dispersion, i.e. multiple addition points and a good CO2 purge to minimize stratification.

Usage: 1/4 tbsp. (3 mL) up to 2 tbsp. (31 mL) per 5 gallons of beer. Increase dosage rates once per day until clarification occurs.