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LiquiBody - Gum Arabic Solution by CellarScience® (2 oz)

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  • Adds mouthfeel and body to wines, seltzers, ciders, etc.
  • Adds perceived sweetness without the concerns of adding residual sugar
  • Helps lock in color by keeping anthocyanins in suspension in red wines
  • Reduces the formation of tartrate crystals in white wine
  • Makes bubbles in sparkling wine rise slower enhancing the appearance

LiquiBody by CellarScience is a specialized, pre-liquefied Gum Arabic preparation that adds body and perceived sweetness while stabilizing color and smoothing tannic astringency. LiquiBody is made from high molecular weight polysaccharides which adds the perception of sweetness without having to stabilize residual sugar in your wine. The ability to add body and a little perceived sweetness has many applications.

LiquiBody helps keep anthocyanin color compounds in solution, preventing them from precipitating out in the bottle. It is also particularly useful to help keep tartrates in solution when cold stabilization of white wine is not possible. 

Popular Uses
LiquiBody works really well in hard seltzers to add body and a slight sweetness. LiquiBody is added to sparkling wines to improve mouthfeel while increasing the appearance and fineness of the bubbles. Add perceived sweetness to any wine in your lineup to appeal to a larger portion of the population. 

Add after rough filtration is finished and before or after sterile filtration. LiquiBody is suitable for use with a sterile membrane filter if your wine is very clean and you have prefiltered. If your wine is not prefiltered, and you already suspect you may have issues with sterile filtration, do not use LiquiBody.

LiquiBody is stabilized with potassium bisulfite which will add less than 1 ppm of SO2 into your final wine.

Add 0.75 to 5 mL per gallon. Perform bench trials to determine optimal usage or start with a dosage of 2 mL per gallon and adjust as needed on future batches. Works best at a temperature range between 50-68ºF and a pH of 4 to 5.5.

Additional Notes:
Once opened, partial bottles of LiquiBody should be refrigerated and used within 30 days. If a container is left open for longer than the suggested use, you can add 1000 ppm of SO2 to extend its life span.