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Lutra Kveik Gluten Free OYL-071GF

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Omega Yeast's OYL-071GF Lutra Kveik Gluten-Free is isolated from the Hornindal Kveik OYL-091 culture just like the OYL-071 Lutra Kveik. It is shockingly clean with unrivaled speed when pitched at 90F. It is propagated using 100% gluten-free raw materials and in adherence to FDA regulations for gluten-free labeling.

The ingredients of OYL-071GF Lutra Kveik Gluten Free are as follows: Water, Yeast, Dextrose, and Yeast Extract.

It is the perfect choice for brewing a gluten-free hard zeltzer, alcopop, mead, cider or even a refreshing pseudo-lager!

Flocculation: Medium-High

Attenuation: 75-82%

Optimal Temperature Range: 68-95F

Alcohol Tolerance: 11%