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Mangosteeni I10

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An excellently versatile and delicious strain for brewing a wide variety of ales and IPAs. You should expect notes of Lychee, Ripe Fruit and Strawberry.

The newest member of our Imperialis (I-Series) yeast strain family was developed for its excellent attenuation, prompt reduction of diacetyl, and versatility brewing a wide variety of ales and IPAs. Our lab created this new Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain by isolating two unique strains, resulting in a hybrid that is an efficient and highly flavorful agent for fermentation. It boasts a robust flavor profile of ripe tropical fruit, strawberry, and lychee that beautifully complements big hop additions.

Recommended Beer Styles include American Pale Ales and Black IPAs.

Temperature: 78 - 90 F
Haze Level: High
Flocculation: Medium
Phenolic Off-Flavor: Negative
Attenutation: 72-78%
Diastatic: Negative
Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

Mangosteeni is not a genetically modified organism (GMO). Our I-Series yeast strains are designed to explore the full range of natural yeast biodiversity. We were able to develop a new genetic combination and fermentation profile by directing brewing yeast through their idle sexual cycle via fungal sporulation, resulting in a yeast strain unlike any other.