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Monastique (Aromatic) Malt - Castle (Château)

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Castle (Château) Malted Grains Monastique Malt (Aromatic)

Belgian brown malt. Château Monastique malt is a more toasted form of pale malt. Gives a strong taste of cooked bread, nuts and fruit. Château Monastique malt has a bitter flavour which mellows on ageing, and can be quite intensely flavoured. Château Monastique malt is typically used as a small proportion of the grist in the production of beers requiring some substantial depth of colour. 

This malt in non-American markets is known as Chateau Abbey malt.

Flavor: Bitter, Cooked bread, Nuts, Fruit

Beer Styles: Pale Ales, Abbey Beers, Brown Porters, Special Beers, British Beers

Suggested Usage Levels: Up to 25%

Moisture: 4.5%

Extract Dry Basis: 78%

Lovibond: 15.0 to 18.9

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**