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Oat Malt - Castle (Château)

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Castle (Château) Malted Grains Oat Malt

Chateau Oat malt is produced from naked oat kernels. Thist ype of malt has a very low diastatic power and moderate extract values. It gives a distinctive silkiness to a beer and is great for enhancing body, head retention and flavor of dark beers. Used as a flavor adjunct, it enhances a biscuit taste in the beer and gives it a uninque texture and a creamy mouthfeel. It will add texture and flavor to any dark English beer style.

Flavor: Biscuit

Beer Styles: Dark Beers, Porters, Stouts, Robust British Ales, Winter Beers

Suggested Usage Levels: Up to 15%

Moisture: 7%

Extract Dry Basis: 80%

Lovibond: 2.4

Total Protein: 14%
Saccharification: 60 minutes

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**