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Odyssey Shriaz - Limited Release

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WinExpert Private Reserve Odyssey Shiraz - Limited Release

Shiraz thrives in Australia's warm climate and is the country's most celebrated and most planted varietal. Odyssey blends Shriaz from the Riverland and Barossa Valley regions. The Riverland's long sunny days fully ripen grapes, producing deliciously fruity wines with generous dark berry and plum aromas and flavors. Barossa is home to some of the world's oldest Shiraz vines and is known for its highly concetrated fruit packed with black fruit flavors and ripe tannins.

Riverland Shiraz is pre-oaked with French oak for a subtle infusion of vanilla, maple, and sweet spice. Barossa Shiraz is blended in to amplify ripe black fruit, dark chocolate and licorice flavors. A mix of American and French oak during fermentation further refines notes of spice and vanilla and lends sily tannins. Last but not least, Hungarian Acacia enhances texture and body. The results is a bold, rich, full-bodied wine with luscious blackberry and plum flavors layered with chocolate, vanilla, and sweet spice, culminationg in a warm lengthy finish.

The Odyssey Shiraz makes a fantastic choice to go with your bold foods. Try it with steak fajitas, smoked brisket, Stilton sirloin burger, or Moroccan spiced lamb. For dessert, look to dark chocolate or berry-based dishes.

Alcohol: 14%

Sweetness: 0/10

Body: 5/5

Oak: 3/3

Ready in 6-8 weeks


Private Reserve


14 L | 3.70 US gal
MAKES 23 L | 6 US gal


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