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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Pale Ale 2-Row Malt - Briess

by Briess
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Briess Pale Ale 2 Row Malt

Pale Ale malt is used as a rich malty Brewers malt. It is fully modified, high extract and low protein. It is not just a darker Base malt, it will develop a unique flavor because of the unique malting recipe. There is sufficient enzyme level to support the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts without extending the brewing cycle.

Style: Base Malt

Flavor: Rich Malty flavor; Hint of biscuity notes; Finishes exceptionally clean

Color: Contributes light golden color

Lovibond: 3.5

Mealy/Half/Glassy: 98%/2%/0%
Plump: 80%
Thru: 2%
Moisture: 4%
Extract FG, Dry Basis: 80%
Extract CG, Dry Basis: 78.5%
Extract FG/CG Difference: 1.5%
Protein: 11.7%
S/T: 42
Alpha Amylase: 45
Diastatic Power (Lintner): 85

Suggested Usage Levels:
Up to 100% Ales (with the exception of Kolsch) and rich, full flavored dark beers
10% or more All but the lightest beer styles for additional flavor - especially helpful for developing warm, malty and toasty flavors
10-15% High gravity beers like a Bock Beer - more in low gravity beers

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**