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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Phantasm (NZ) Thiol Powder (2.5 oz)

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Phantasm Thiol Powder is your solution to unlocking strong tropical fruit aromas in your beer! Made from Marlboroguh Sauvignon Blanc grape skins it is extremely high in Thiol precursors which can boost the citrus, guava and passionfruit flavors of your beer. 

It is a great addition when using Omega's Thiolized Strains such as Star Party, Lunar Crush, Helio Gazer, and Cosmic Punch!

Usage Rages:

0.5 to 1.0 ounces per gallon typically added during active fermentation. Usage rates can vary greatly depending on your yeast selection, hop selection and when you add Phatasm Thiol Powder. Typically it will be 2.5 to 5.0 ounces per 5 gallon batch.