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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Pro-Series Pear Cider Base

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Pro Series Pear Cider Base is specially designed for small to medium size cideries, breweries and wineries that want to quickly and easily craft cider without the hassle of crushing fresh fruit or making pH and acid adjustments. With this easy-to-use base formula simply dilute with the proper amount of water and pitch yeast. Even advanced homebrewers can easily craft large batches of cider! Pro Series Pear Cider Base can be sweetened or left dry and tastes great alone or with added flavors for a unique cider experience. It is made up of a blend of pear and apple juice concentrates, HFCS, malic acid and natural flavors designed to make a fermentable base for a pear cider blend at 9.6 Brix. It is blended, pasteurized, and filled into 1/2 gallon containers and stored at ambient temperature.