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Rye Malt - Briess

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Briess Rye Malt

Rye malt is an often overlooked malt but it has a unique spicy flavor that is perfect for the production of rye beer. It can be used in a traditional rye beer or even in smaller amounts in light and medium colored and flavored beers for complexity. It can also be used in a single malt whiskey. It can help build flavor and develop complexity in many beer styles - from medium flavored lagers to dark ales. 

You should use in 5% increments until the desired flavor is achieved. It is fully modified and performs well in a single temperature infusion mash if used at less than 20% of the total grist.

It is hulless and has a high beta glucan content, which means it can result in a sticky mash and slow lautering. We highly recommend adding rice hulls when usage levels approach 20% and by also supplementing with betaglucanase enzyme above 35% for manageable lautering.

Type: Rye Malt/Base Malt

Flavor: Spicy Rye

Color: Golden leaning toward orange hues

Lovibond: 3.7

Moisture: 4.5%
Mealy/Half/Glassy: 98%/2%/0%
Plump: 50%
Thru: 8%
Extract FG, Dry Basis: 80%
Protein: 10.5%
S/T: 50
Alpha Amylase: 45
Diastatic Power (Litner): 105

Suggested Usage Levels:
1-3% Adds dryness and a touch of spicy rye flavor and interest to many beer styles, from medium flavored lager to dark ales
5% Rye Pale Ales, Wheat and Smoked Beers
10-35% Roggenbier (German Rye Beer), American Rye Beer

**NOTE: All grain bags come unmilled**