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Soft Candi Sugar

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These Soft Belgian Candi Sugar come in three varieties, Blanc (White), Brun Leger (Light Brown), and Brun Fonce (Dark Brown), all of which are made from beet sugar, meaning they are 100% fermentable. They are preferred over candi syrups for their ease of storage, more intense flavor, and the ability to add them during the boil.

The Blanc is a neutral white soft candi sugar that is ideal for Tripels, Saison and Biere de Garde Beers, but really is helpful in any Beer that increased gravity is required while adding no color, it has an SRM of 0.

The Brun Leger is the perfect choice for all your Belgian Beers, it will give a soft and well rounded flavor, with minor color adjustments, it has an SRM of 6.

The Brun Fonce is a highly flavorful candi sugar that will add notable dark fruit and subtle caramel flavors, it has an SRM of 22 and a PPG of 1.042.