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Soft White Malted Wheat - Riverbend

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Riverbend Soft White Malted Wheat

Riverbend's Soft White Malted Wheat is actually an experimental project for a distillery customer of Riverbend, but it's been such a big hit they have brough it out for the masses! This soft white winter wheat variety is grown in Michigan. It starts with a similar bready, bsicuity sweetness as the Appalachian Wheat but the finish is completely different. The finish of the Soft White Malted Wheat creates nice pear and melon notes along witha mix of black tea and oak-y tannins - almost like a dry white tine.

The white wine notes play nicely with blackcherry in particular!


Grain: Wheat

Origin: Michigan 

Flavors: Rich biscuit and bread sweetness, Pear/Melon Notes, Black Tea, Oak-y Tannins


Great For: Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Ales, Anything with Brett

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**