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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon (130 grams)

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Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

The ultimate spirit quality is determined by removing impurities. Turbo Carbon is essentail for removing such impurities during the fermentation for the ultimate distilling quality. It's unique activated internal pore structure removes impurities that are not taken out by post distillation filtration. It will produce a cleaner, smoother tasting spirit.

Continue to filter after distillation as normal with use of this product. It is improtant to note that Turbo Clear should always be used after fermentation in order to remove solids before distillation. If Turbo Clear is not used, the impurities trapped by Turbo Carbon will be released during the boil.

Instructions for Use: Before opening, massage the package to ensure it is lump free. Add it immediately after adding yoru choice of Turbo Yeast. Stir well to disperse.