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Styrian Cardinal (Cardinal)

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Styrian Cardinal is a Slovenian grown aroma hop that has an alpha acid range of 8-15% and a beta acid of 3.2-4.6%. It has a Cultivar/Brand ID of 30/96 and HUL034. It is often times seen simply as Cardinal.

It was bred at the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing in Žalec from European and American germplasm.  It is a new aroma hop variety with high alpha-acids content.

There is a typical citrus and fruity aroma that creates a harmonious flavor. Profile descriptions include pineapple, orange, lime, guava, and jasmine.

Styrian Cardinal is a great choice for use in your IPAs and Pale Ales but will work wonderfully in just about any hop-forward beer you throw at it.

Co-Humulone as % of Alpha Acids: 31-37%
Total Oils (mL/100g): 3.0-4.0
Myrcene: 40-50%
Humulene: 15-22%
Caryophyllene: 8-11%
Farnesene: 5-7%
All Others (including β-pinene, linalool, geraniol & selinene): 10-32%

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