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Each of these Thermometers are a great way to track the temperature of your fermentation either during the boil and mash or during primary fermentation and beyond.

The Big Daddy Dial features an easy to read dial face with numbers and is 12" long. It ranges from 0-220F.

The Dual Scale LCD Thermometer features adhesive backing for attaching to the outside of your plastic or glass containers for accurate inside reading. The horizontal readings are in increments of 2 degrees. It measures 8" by 1" in total.

The Floating Thermometer allows you to float the thermometer in any liquid and measures 11.5" in length and has a scale of 0-220F.

The Laboratory Grade Thermoemter does not float but is a super quick and accurate way to measure temperature in liquid. It is 12" in length and has a scale of 0-220F.

The Digital Pen Thermometer is watherproof and pocket sized. It reads from -58F to 392F with a resolution of 0.1 and an accuracy of +/- 2F. It features a Max/Min Function and has a stainless steel piercing probe.

The Alembic Dome Digital Thermometer works ont he Still Spirits Copper Condenser.