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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Victory® Malt (Toasted) - Briess

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Briess Victory® Malt (Toasted) 

With an aroma of baking bread, Victory Malt is well suited for Nut Brown Ales and other dark beers. Its clean flavor makes it equally well suited for ales and lagers alike. It is also well suited to be used in small amounts in order to add complexity to lighter colroed ales and lagers.

Type: Specialty Malt/Roasted Malt - Biscuit-style Malt

Flavor: Toasty, Biscuity, Baking Bread, Nutty, Clean

Color: Deep golden to brown hues

Lovibond: 28

Moisture: 2.5%
Mealy/Half/Glassy: 95%/5%/0%
Plump: 70%
Thru: 5%
Extract FG, Dry Basis: 75%

Suggested Usage Levels:
2-8% Doppelbock, Mild Ales
5-15% Amber Ales and Lagers, Brown Ales
5-25% Scotch Ales and Other Dark Beers

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**