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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Bmore Global's Patterson Park Homebrew Contest

Brew can do it! - The Patterson Park Homebrew Contest is happening on Saturday December 3, 2022.  Calibrate your hydrometers and pitch your yeast, we want you to join us! 

See guidelines for entry and competition rules below. If you have any questions or want more information please reach out to  


Brewer Entry Guidelines

  1. Each brewer can enter up to 3 entries (each in a different category).

  2. Each category will be capped at seven entries total (first come, first served, with a waitlist option for categories that have filled up).

  3. Brews will be categorized as follows (you will select the category for your entry):

  • Hops: Pale Ales, IPAs, Ambers, etc

  • Malts: Stouts, Porters, Brown Ales, etc

  • Lights: White Ales, Wheats, Saisons, Pilsners, Märtzens, etc

  • Specialties: Sours, Ciders, Fruity, etc

  • There are three prize categories, totaling 14 award winners:

    • Overall Crowd Favorite – Each general attendee of the homebrew contest receives two tokens at check in, and they use those to vote for their favorite beers. There are no restrictions or guidelines given to attendees on how to distribute their votes. The brew with the most tokens takes home the Overall Crowd Favorite prize.

    • Brewers’ Choice Award – Each homebrewer and their guest receive a special “brewer’s choice” token (distinctive from the general attendee tokens) upon arrival. Between 10:30 am and the official start of the homebrew event, homebrewers and their partners should sample the brews and vote for their favorite (aside from their own beers or those of their brewmates). We use these votes to select three finalists, and our guest VIP judges select the Brewers’ Choice Award winner from the finalists. 

    • People’s Choice Awards – All beers are separated into one of four categories (detailed above). We award a first, second, and third place prize to winners in each of these categories

  • If a brewer drops out of the competition, the first brewer on the waitlist will be notified immediately; any brewer who is waitlisted should prepare a brew for entry in the event a slot opens up, as this is not uncommon.

  • Participants must bring a minimum of five gallons of your registered brew to serve to attendees and compete for prizes. Sign up to participate here! 

    Proceeds from this event will support educational travel abroad for Baltimore City Public School students. We hope you're as excited as we are about B More Global’s mission to grow global citizens and that you will join us for this year's homebrew contest!

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