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Dolcetto - The Often Overlooked Grape


Dolcetto Wine Description


Dolectto grapes are a dark-skinned grape that is native to the northwestern hills of Italy. They will produce a soft, fruity wine that can range in color from purple to deep ruby. The varietal's name actually means "little sweet one".

They typically make a wine that is intensely and brightly colored and you can expect to have dark gently spiced aromas that have undertones of earthy almonds - or even walnuts - in a higher tannic wine. They feature a low acidity and are not known for their sweetness.

Wines made with Dolcetto are not made for long term storage and are best drank within a couple years of production. However, new world styles of this varietal have come into vogue and feature intensely rich, fruity, oaky and high alcohol contents, but old world styles of this varietal are still extremely common.

These grapes work best when used in short gentle fermentations. Wines produced with these grapes will be rich, round, soft and fruity. They will be deep ruby and purple in color.

There should be aromatics of blackberry, plum and spice while you should taste flavors of licorice, blackberry and almond.

 Yeast Choices for Dolcettos range greatly on what you are trying to feature the most but can be 4021 Dry White/Sparkling, 4028 Red, 4244 Italian Red, RC 212 

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