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Everything Montepulciano Grape and Wine Infographic

Montepulciano is a red wine grape varietal that is almost exclusively grown in Italy, although some small amounts are grown in Australia, New Zealand and in the United States. It is used to produce dry red wines that are often overlooked but are extremely tasty!

They are known for their soft flavors and strong pigmentation. They have gentle tannins and low acidity that combine to create a medium bodied wine that is best drank soon after bottling. It does well with heavy oak use that will create a richer age-worthy wine. The strong pigmentation of the grape lends itself to create a deep purple juice.

Montepulciano works extremely well in blends with other varietals and is best known when blended with Sangiovese. The grapes themselves are extremely plump and spherical with a strong purple color.

You should get notes of Red Plum, Oregano, Sour Cherry, Boysenberry Pepper, Black Fruits, and Tobacco, with undertones of Chocolate, Bay Leaf, and Vanilla. It is a dry wine that has a medium-full body. Montepulciano wines have strong aromas and flavors but the taste can vary dramatically based upon how it is aged.

There are several yeast options that can be used with Montepulciano including 4244 Italian Red, 4267 Summation Red, 



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