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Excelsior™ is a USA grown aroma hop that has an alpha acid range of 9.3-12% and a beta acid range of 3-5%. Technically Excelsior™ is a hop blend and not a single hop. It is exclussively released by the NY Hop Guild.

The Excelsior™ hop showcases New York’s truly unique diversification by being the first 100% New York grown and processed hop blend! NY Hop Guild took all of New York’s best growing varieties, contacted the mad scientists at Hoptechnic® and came up with this truly amazing hop blend to maximize flavor intensity. Instead of just combining hops by their names or what they smell like we utilized the hop’s thiols and essential oils to give this blend its truly unique and mesmerizing aroma!

It features notes of mango rind, lychee, floral notes and sweet fruit.

It is a solid choice for your IPAs, Cold IPAs, IPLs, NEIPAs, Pale Ales, Hazy IPAs, Juicy IPAs, Lagers, or Pilsners.

You could possibly substitute Citra® for Excelsior™.

Total Oils (mL/100g): 1-2%

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