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Independence A15


Imperial Yeast's A15 Independence is an American ale yeast strain. It is slightly ester forward and loves to play with hops. It will truly bring new character to your hop-driven beers. It will give some fruit character to your beer due to the higher ester content. This strain is guaranteed to take your hoppy beers to a whole new level.

If you need a substitution we recommend Imperial A07 Flagship or A01 House, Wyeast American Ale II 1272, or White Labs California V Ale WLP051,

It is a great choice for hop-driven beers, Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts, and English Ales. It's really a great well rounded strain that works in practically any style.

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: 72-76%

Optimal Fermentation Temperature: 60 - 72F

Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

It's a fantastic choice for these styles:

  • American IPA
  • American Pale Ale
  • Blonde Ale
  • Sweet Stout
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Cream Ale
  • California Common
  • American Amber Ale
  • American Brown Ale
  • Black IPA
  • Hazy IPA
  • Red IPA
  • Red Ale
  • Robust Porter
  • American Stout
  • Winter Seasonal Beer
  • Imperial IPA
  • American Barleywine
  • Irish Red Ale
  • Imperial Stout
  • American Strong Ale
  • Wheatwine
  • English Mild
  • Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
  • Bitter
  • Pale Ale
  • Irish Dry Stout
  • Brown Porter
  • English IPA
  • Scottish Ale
  • Tropical Stout
  • British Strong Ale
  • English Barleywine
  • Old Ale
  • Foreign Extra Stout
  • Wee Heavy
  • American Wheat Beer
  • White IPA