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Bobek Styrian

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Bobek is a diploid hybrid dual purpose hop that hails from Slovenia. It has an alpha acid range from 2 to 9.3% and a beta acid of 4-7%. It is also commonly known as Styrian Bobek, Bobek Styrian or Styrian Golding B. It has a Cultivar/Brand ID of HUL007 and is the sister of Styrian Savinski Golding.

There is an intense and pleasant aroma with floral and pine overtones combined with distinct notes of lemon and grapefruit, green fruit and green aromas like tomato leaves and sage. This is all complemented by spicy aniseed extract and some sweetness as well as a slight vegetal element (artichoke) combined with woody hay-like aromas.

It is a great choice for use in English Ales, Extra Special Bitters (ESBs), Pilsners, Lagers, Ales, and Strong Bitters.

If you are looking for a substitute we recommend Fuggle (UK), Willamette (US), Willamette (BC), and Styrian Golding.

Co-Humulone as % of Alpha Acids: 25-35%
Total Oils (mL/100g): 0.7-4.0
Myrcene: 30-45%
Humulene: 13-19%
Caryophyllene: 4-6%
Farnesene: 4-7%
All Others (including β-pinene, linalool, geraniol & selinene): 24-49%
β-pinene: 0.6-0.9%

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