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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Comet (US)

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Comet is grown in the US as well as Germany. It is a bittering hop that is now frequently used as a dual purpose hop. It has an alpha acid that can range from 8 to 12.4% and a beta acid of 3-6.1%. 

Comet has subtle aromas of Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Grassy, Citrus, Earthy, and "Wild American" notes.

It's a great choice for IPAs, Wild Ales, Farmhouse Beers, Ales, and Lagers.

While large scale production of Comet has slowed it is still available but if you need a substitute Galena or Citra® have made suitable substitutions. 

It is found in Lupulin Powder/Pellet form under brands such as Cryo-Hops and LUPOMax. It is sometimes found in Hop Oil/Extract form and is frequently available in whole leaf hop form.

Co-Humulone as % of Alpha Acids: 34-45%
Total Oils (mL/100g): 1.0-3.3
Myrcene: 40-65%
Humulene: 0.5-2%
Caryophyllene: 5-15%
Farnesene: 0-1%
All Others (including β-pinene, linalool, geraniol & selinene): 17-54%
Linalool: 0.5-0.8%
β-pinene: 0.8-1.1%
Geraniol: 0.2-0.9%

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