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Tettnanger (Tettnang) (GER)

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The German Version of Tettnang is a dual purpose hop that is primarily used as an aroma hop, it has an alpha acid of 2.5-6% and a beta acid of 2.8-5.3%. It is commonly seen as both Tettnang and Tettnanger although it may also be seen as Tettnang Tettnanger, German Tettnang, Schwetzinger, Deutscher Fruhopfen and Hallertau Tettnang.

It is genetically similar to Saaz and has notable high farnesene oil contents that give it its aroma. Genetic testing has determined that US Tettnang is genetically distinct from German Tettnanger (Tettnang). It is well suited to European Lagers and Pilsners and is often used in Hefeweizen beers.

It has an aroma of a shifting and evolving mix of floral, fruity, herbal and spicy - fresh herbs, grass, dried flowers, citrus peel, black tea, and pepper. The soft spiciness and subtle balance of floral and herbal aromas are definietly reminiscent of noble hops. The woody aromas and cream caramel notes such as resin and almonds are combined with fruity blueberry and spicy curry.

It is recommended for use in German Lagers, Bavarian Styles, Weissbier, California Blonde Ales, Red Ales, Lagers, American Amber Ales, Winter Ales, Pale Ales, Cream Ales, Hefeweizens, German Ales, Belgian Ales, Wheat Beers, and Pilsners.

If you are looking for a substitute we recommend Tettnang (US), Spalter Select, Spalt, Lubelski/Lubelska/LublinSaaz (CZ), or Santiam.

Co-Humulone as % of Alpha Acids: 22-28%
Total Oils (mL/100g): 0.4-1.1
Myrcene: 25-41%
Humulene: 20-28%
Caryophyllene: 1.33-11%
Farnesene: 3.67-24%
All Others (including β-pinene, linalool, geraniol & selinene): 0.3-30.2%
Linalool: 0.3-0.9%
β-pinene: 0.2-0.4%
Geraniol: 0.1-0.4%
Total Polyphenols: 3.5-6%
Sum of Terpene Alcohols and Esters (% of total oils): 0.2%
Ketones (% of total oils): 0.47%

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