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92P2/4 is a South African bittering hop with an alpha acid of 12% and a beta acid of 4.7%.

It is known for its herbal and spice notes that include black pepper, parlsey and garlic with some vegetal tones of celery.

92P2/4 works well in Lagers, Pilsners, Ales, IPAs, DIPAs, NEIPAs, Belgian Ales, and Hybrid Beers.

It could be substituted with Chinook (US), Chinook (BC), Nugget (US), Nugget (BC), Columbus (US), Columbus (BC), or CTZ with moderate success.

92P2/4 is a hop that plays well with several other hops and is most frequently combined with Willamette (US), Willamette (BC), Cascade (US), Cascade (BC), and Citra®.

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